Campus Life

Life at Shelterwood

Shelterwood has been different from other therapeutic boarding schools since we opened our doors more than 30 years ago. Teens are searching for purpose, direction and significance, and life at Shelterwood facilitates opportunities for them to meet Jesus. Our team works hard to create a safe, engaging environment — the right setting for personal growth. Because we want to see teens engage in life beyond their smart phones, we offer a wide variety of activities.

At Shelterwood, we recognize that real change does not just happen in a counseling office but in the daily life of relationships. So we strive to put our students in unique situations which demand social awareness and responsibility. Unlike other schools, students serve locally and abroad to impact the lives of others — and, in doing so, they transform their own lives. Through service, students become aware of others. This has a powerful effect in the attitudes of our students, often impacting their future decisions in a more responsible, caring direction.

Through campus life opportunities at Shelterwood, students identify and build on their personal strengths. In addition to our academics and therapy, student opportunities at Shelterwood include:

Community service and mission trips

Your teen will engage with different people, gain valuable life skills and help others through service projects on and off campus. Shelterwood offers day-long service opportunities, called “Beyond Shelterwood” days, as well as mission experiences in Texas and Haiti. In new environments, your teen can grow in love for others.


Blending leisure and recreational activities with clinical and scholastic elements sets the stage for your teen’s recovery. Shelterwood’s recreational activity program promotes trust of self and others, allows teens to take positive personal risks, engage in healthy self-expression and build self-confidence. We go to movies, the local recreation center, to the pool, and other “normal” outlets so as to re-engage your teen with healthy alternatives.


We minimize isolation activities such as video games, and engage teens in outdoor adventures such as camping, fishing, biking, hiking and rock climbing. These healthy, fun activities push teens outside their comfort zone and towards new experiences.

Shelterwood provides teens with a unique environment, taking a multi-faceted approach to treat the whole child. Campus life adds balance to your teen’s healing, an important step en route to a promising future.