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Shelterwood is a Christian Therapeutic Boarding School for at-risk teens.

The word “Shelterwood” describes a forestry technique in which older, stronger trees shelter and protect younger trees on the forest floor until they stand, grow and thrive on their own. In the same way, Shelterwood offers struggling teens a safe, loving place to heal and flourish.

Our story begins in 1980, with one hurting family. A father looking for help for his teen daughter approached the late Richard Beach, founder of Doulos Ministries. At the time, Richard was mentoring several recent college graduates and felt that he, along with these young men and women, could help this struggling teen. Through mentoring, encouragement and professional therapy, her life was transformed. Seeing his family restored, the father encouraged Richard to reach out to other families and continue providing a faith-based boarding school for struggling teens. This laid the foundation for Shelterwood.

Beginning with that first family, our roots were planted in strong values and faith with a commitment to restoring teens through a relationship-based model of care and professional therapy. Today, more than 30 years later, Shelterwood has helped thousands of families. Exceptional academics and therapy meets mentoring and strong relationships, resulting in a holistic, balanced boarding school environment for struggling teens to heal and grow. When kids come to Shelterwood, they learn that they are important, they are valued and they are loved by Christ.

Find out more about Shelterwood Academy and what sets us apart from other boarding schools, treatment centers, military schools, boot camps, wilderness programs and even other Christian boarding schools. Get in touch with us today to get your teen help, healing and transformation.

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