Transforming Lives, Restoring Families

Transforming Lives, Restoring Families

Shelterwood offers real hope, real heart change and real restoration for struggling teens. We combine boarding school excellence with the best in therapeutic care for real transformation. Driven by faith, our team of experts is dedicated to helping teens get ready for life by uncovering their strengths and dealing with their liabilities. Teens arrive at Shelterwood when they are at their worst, and often leave with a transformed heart and a life restored.

Shelterwood serves students with a unique approach to counseling, with a goal to move them toward real heart change. Because no two teens are the same, our certified therapists create an individualized program for each student at Shelterwood. Active therapies such as sand tray, recreation, adventure, equine, community service, art, gardening and music have proven to help Shelterwood students uncover issues, build relationships and provide clarity for moving forward in life.

Fully Accredited ACADEMICS

At Shelterwood, every student receives a top-tier education from our accredited school. Teens experience a low student-to-teacher ratio and are given individual attention; it’s the perfect setting to flourish. Combining a focus on core curriculum and accommodating individual needs, students receive an exceptional education. Students can truly flourish in the Shelterwood classroom.

Who We Are.

Shelterwood offers teens a community of people who are committed to their growth. Using the best therapies in treatment, brain function, equine, art, adventure, and service, Shelterwood stands alone in its ability to foster change in the hearts and minds of its students. Hear more about our research-based approach to true recovery from Jim Subers, Shelterwood CEO.

Life at Shelterwood is both exciting and nurturing. Your teen's attention is captured through recreation and new relationships. Using recreation, service projects and adventure, we are able to provide students with a new vision for their lives. Shelterwood also provides the mentor support to make this happen. Shelterwood life provides space for a new beginning — for your teen and for your family.

Contact us today to learn more, or if you have questions.

Contact the Shelterwood team today. We're here to help. Our admissions staff is ready to answer all your questions, and we'll walk with your family every step of the way towards transformation. Let today mark a fresh start for your teen and your family — call 866.585.8939 or inquire online.

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"When I am asked by a family who is in the middle of a crisis with a teen, 'Is there a place they can go for real help and hope?' - I give them Shelterwood's number."

-John Trent, Ph.D. President,The Center for Strong Families,Bestselling Author, Speaker

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